In the Real World with Ally

Where in the world inspires you or has left an impact on you?
“So my answer to that is most definitely Greece. I've only been there twice but I have some family from there so when I visited the first time that was my priority and I just felt an instant connection. The architecture there is so stunning and I'm a major art history nerd so I really appreciated that!”

Do you have a favorite place, sight, or restaurant?
“The sunset that we saw in Oia was just the most stunning thing. It's the kind of thing where you stand there and you look into the sky and you're like I can't believe that this is the world. Tourists get there several hours early just to look at the sky and it just makes you speechless.”

What is your #1 travel tip?
“Pack ahead of time! When I was living in Albany for college every time I would go home I would pack literally two weeks in advance like a little by little just so I didn't forget things. I always make a list and as I pack things I cross things off the list to make sure I have everything. If I don't I would lose my head if it wasn't attached!”

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