In the Real World with Emily

Where in the world inspires you or has left an impact on you?

"The Big Island of Hawaii has left a big impact on me. It was the first place I traveled to after over a year of covid in NYC and it was just the most refreshing place to spend a month. Being there truly allowed me to reset and reconnect with nature. I didn't even realize how much I needed it until I removed myself from the city for a bit. Getting to spend time outside, in the sun, and in the ocean was so rejuvenating. It had such a big impact that I ended up quitting my job and going back to spend the fall there. It has become such a special place for me and I am so grateful for all the time spent there."

Do you have a favorite place, sight, or restaurant?

"It's hard to choose just 1! Waipio Valley is a truly magical place, you can drive down if you have 4 wheel drive or you can hike in and out for one hell of a workout on the way up. Definitely go down into the valley though because the black sand beach at the bottom is beautiful and there is a hike on the other side with more great views. Come prepared with water and food though!"

What is your #1 travel tip?

Just say yes! Of course be cautious and stay safe but be open to opportunities and experiences that come up while traveling. You never know when you'll meet a new friend along the way and what amazing places/experiences they can share with you. Some of my favorite memories from traveling are the ones that weren't planned."

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