In the Real World with Taylor

Where in the world inspires you or has left an impact on you?

“New York is definitely my favorite place in the world even though I feel like that's kind of a boring answer because I live here but when I was a little kid I would visit from New Jersey and every single time I would come into the City and see the skyscrapers I couldn't wait to live here. This is where I met my fiancé, and this is where my parents immigrated to. My mom immigrated from Puerto Rico and my dad immigrated from the Dominican Republic and they both came to New York so I just feel like New York is my heart.”

Do you have a favorite place, sight, or restaurant?

“My favorite restaurant in New York is a restaurant called Sweetwater in Williamsburg. My fiancé and I had one of our first dates there, we're going to have a rehearsal dinner for our wedding there, and I've just had so many great memories there. It's like a very local community spot where everyone knows each other and I love that and I feel like there's less and less of those places in New York.”

What is your #1 travel tip?

“My number one travel tip is to pack the day before so that you're never late and that you feel relaxed and ready to travel. The earliest I packed was 3 weeks before I went to London for study abroad, that was too much, 3 weeks was like psychotic but definitely pack early that's all!”

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