In the Real World with Robyn

Where in the world inspires you or has left an impact on you?

“A place that really inspired me was actually Singapore. I feel like it was just such a great amalgamation of like every single culture in Asia. And it reminded me a lot of my hometown Toronto, Canada in that it was just so multicultural and diverse and it had amazing food.”

Do you have a favorite place, sight, or restaurant?

“So in Singapore they have these things called hawker stalls and it's basically super cheap street food and I love food and it was a good time!

What is your #1 travel tip?

“If you have the opportunity to do bike tours I highly recommend! It just feels like another really intimate way of exploring the city versus like a bus tour or a walking tour. Especially if it's led by someone who's local, I feel like that's the best chance you'll get to see a place from a person who's lived there's eyes.”

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